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1. What method of payment is accepted by the Prothonotary?
2. Are docket entries available on-line?
3. Can I conduct a search for civil suits or liens on the website?
4. Can I file a pleading by faxing it to the office?
5. I need to file for Custody. How do I start the process?
6. I need to file a Protection from Abuse? How do I do that?
7. How can I obtain a copy of my Divorce Decree?
8. Can I get a copy of my Marriage License at the Prothonotary’s?
9. Why is a lien or judgment that is paid still appearing on my credit report?
10. When I file something through the mail, how do I get the paperwork back?
11. Can I have copies of my paperwork made in the Prothonotary’s Office?