Why are some projects funded that did not get high scores?

The project score was one component of the funding decision; however, other factors were also considered before funding recommendations were made. These considerations included the served population, geographic location, transformative impact, unique approach or need, and availability of other funding. Some projects that received a lower score were determined to offer a unique funding opportunity through the Pandemic Recovery Fund, and therefore were recommended for funding.

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1. Where can I find the draft plan?
2. What kind of feedback are you looking for and where can I provide feedback?
3. How many requests were received?
4. How was it decided what projects should get funded?
5. My project scored very well, why didn’t it get funded?
6. Why are some projects funded that did not get high scores?
7. This is only a draft plan, when will the final plan be ready?
8. I am recommended to receive funding. What do I do now? When will I get the funding and should I begin my project?
9. I didn’t receive funding, will there be another round of applications? Or other funding I might receive?
10. What will happen to any unused money if projects are not completed or do not cost as much?
11. How will I know all these projects really happened and the impact it had on community?