How were project scores determined?

Each eligible project submission was scored using the scoring rubric. The scoring rubric contains three sections: Project Viability, American Rescue Plan Intent, and Community Priorities. The Recovery Office scored the Project Viability section, and the External Review Committee scored the American Rescue Plan Intent and Community Priorities sections.

Each section contains three or four criterion, each rated on a 0-3 scale. After these were scored, they were multiplied by the relative weights for each section (20% for Project Viability, 30% for American Rescue Plan Intent, and 50% for Community Priorities) and converted to a 100-point scale. 

Finally, in order to more easily compare projects that scored similarly, we calculated the percentile rank for each score. For example, a project that scored a 70 out of 100 is considered scoring in the top 80th percentile of projects.

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1. How were project scores determined?
2. How was the scoring rubric created?
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