What is SLFRF?

SLFRF is the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. ARPA includes a set of funds known as SLFRF, which deliver $350 billion dollars in relief to the States and the District of Columbia, counties, metropolitan cities, Tribal governments, territories, and nonentitlement units of local government (NEUs). Pennsylvania’s allocation is $7,291,328,098.40. Montgomery County’s allocation is $161,395,498. The County is referring to their allocation as the Pandemic Recovery Funds.
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1. What is SLFRF?
2. SLFRF- What is Pennsylvania's allocation?
3. SLFRF- What is Montgomery County's allocation?
4. Who is the Recipient?
5. What is the Final Rule?
6. Where is an overview of the Final Rule located?
7. Where is the text of the Final Rule located?
8. What is the effective date of the Final Rule?
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10. What is the official regulation?
11. Where is the text of the regulation located?
12. Where can I find more information on compliance and reporting?