I applied for an absentee/mail-in ballot online but have not heard back. Do I apply again?

No, thank you! You can track your application by clicking here.

There are a few different statuses that can appear:

No Match: This means that you haven’t applied yet or that we have not processed your application. Please allow 10-14 business days from the time you submit your application for processing.

If you provided your email address on your application, you will receive an email indicating that your application was processed.

Pending: This means that your application was received and approved, but that your ballot has not been mailed yet. We will begin mailing ballots in late September.

Vote Recorded: This means that we received your ballot and have recorded your vote.

If you gave us your email address in your application, you will receive an email when your application has been processed. You will also receive an email when your vote has been recorded. The PA State system only recognizes an email address once, so if you and another member of your household provided the same email address you will only receive an email for one ballot.

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