Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan
We are in the process of developing a new comprehensive plan for Montgomery County, which will focus on how the county could look in 2040. The county’s current award-winning comprehensive plan, Shaping Our Future: A Comprehensive Plan for Montgomery County, was adopted in 2005 and enhanced with amendments in 2010. This comprehensive plan is used by our commission and other departments to guide county policies and can help the county accomplish many goals, including controlling sprawl, limiting traffic congestion, preserving open space, and revitalizing older areas.

2005 Plan Elements

Regional (Multi-Municipal) Plans

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) enables municipalities to plan with their neighbors in regions. This concept provides for smarter growth by concentrating infrastructure and transportation improvements, as well as redevelopment efforts, within identified growth areas that reflect the needs of the entire region and not just one municipality alone. At the same time, more effective open space protection and farmland preservation efforts can be undertaken. There are four regional planning areas in Montgomery County.

Municipal Plans
Municipal comprehensive plans, open space plans, and economic revitalization plans have been prepared by the planning staff for different townships and boroughs in the county through planning assistance contracts. Other plans may be found on municipal websites.