Program Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements
  • Only sentenced inmates will be eligible to participate in the Work Release Program, Work Release Transition Program, or the Community Work Program.
  • Individuals must be recommended by their sentencing judge, preferably at the time of sentencing. 
  • The job that the individual will work must be approved by Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF).
  • The work hours and location of any job must be approved by MCCF.
  • The wages must be approved by MCCF.
  • Transportation to and from the approved employment must be approved by MCCF.
  • All wages earned must be in payroll check form and directly turned over to MCCF for approved disbursements. Other forms of wage payment must be approved by the Work Release Assistant Warden.
  • Room and board cost will be the responsibility of the individual participating in the Work Release Program.
  • If your employment is outside Pennsylvania you will not be permitted to go to work until permission is granted from your sentencing judge.
  • Acceptance to the program requires approval by MCCF and final approval by the sentencing judge.
  • Any individual sentenced to work release prior to their incarceration may fax his/her sentence order along with a job description, rate of pay, hours to be worked, and a letter from their employer to 610-630-8593.