Technical Assistance

Need help submitting a project or idea?

Montgomery County has engaged the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) to provide free of charge help to anyone needing assistance submitting a project or idea for the Pandemic Recovery Funds. Along with its partners, the Tri-County Community Network and the Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation, PHAN offers the following assistance in a funded partnership with the Montgomery County Recovery Office:

  • General support and technical help to answer questions, explain the process, and help navigate application systems
  • Pre-submission review to ensure it is complete
  • Training and assistance on how to craft a clear, effective submission
  • Assistance with finding community-specific data that supports submission

PHAN and its partners are pleased to be able to provide:

  • Support to applicants in English, Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Support to applicants with disabilities or impairments

Receipt of technical assistance is not required for project or idea submissions and will not be a factor in the scoring of the submissions.

Technical Assistance Website: Click Here.  / (En español)

access technical assistance by:

Text or Call: (610) 750-8200


Click below:

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