Sheriff's Office

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Divisions

LEGAL NOTICE:  The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is in possession of firearms and other weapons seized pursuant to Protection from Abuse Orders and other Court Orders, which defendants or their heirs, successors, or assigns may be entitled to reclaim. A defendant, heir, successor or assign reclaiming a weapon will be required to show two forms of I.D and be cleared through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System.

Pursuant to an Order of Court issued in 2019-05488 any weapons, from matters docketed in the years 2011-2015, that are not claimed by April 30, 2019 shall be deemed abandoned and thereafter disposed of and/or destroyed in a manner to be determined by the Sheriff. To obtain further information call 610.278.3342.

LUKENS FAMILY FUND: The Lukens Family Fund has been set up to assist the family of Dep. Bryan Lukens after the loss of his home and two sons in a fire on December 13, 2017. If you would like to contribute, please follow the instructions here.
If you would like someone from the Sheriff's Office to appear at or participate in your community event, click here.

SHERIFF'S OFFICE SCHOLARSHIP  FUND: The MCSO has started a scholarship fund to benefit its staff who are completing degree programs at Montgomery County Community College. The Sheriff's Scholarship is funded  with proceeds from our Annual Golf Outing scheduled for Sept. 19, 2022. 


Do you know of someone who is a wanted person in Montgomery County?  You may submit a tip here. All tips will be kept confidential and you are not required to provide your name.

Warning: If the Sheriff's Office discovers that any persons are providing false information, those persons are subject to arrest and prosecution.

 Notice: Effective 1/1/2013, Montgomery County has made changes to the way it collects delinquent taxes. Please review these changes in this letter.