Schuylkill East Trail

The Schuylkill East Trail is mainly a natural surface trail which connects Lock 60 to Upper Schuylkill Valley Park along the Schuylkill River.  Parking can be found at Upper Schuylkill Valley Park and Lock 60.  Access at Upper Schuylkill Valley Park is in the lower parking lot by the River.  Access at Lock 60 is on the same path as the Locktender’s House.  Please park and cross the small canal bridge by foot/bike.  This trail, less than 2 miles, is a bird lover’s paradise.

Alert: A new dock system is being installed in the canal at the Locktender’s House. Work will begin Friday, July 29th, with the section by the dock and the inner circle closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday, July 30th. Schuylkill East Trail users will still be able to walk/bike to and from the path—using caution and following all directives. The entire dock install is not anticipated to be completed until August 21st. Use of the old dock may not be possible during this time or may be moved to a different location away from the work zone. Please realize this is a temporary situation. Thank you for working with us during this process.