Strategic Plan Performance Measurement


As HHS gets deeper past the initial phases of plan implementation, it will start tracking the effectiveness of its work against a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned to the plan’s strategic priority areas. Early plan implementation work includes continuous improvement of the Department’s capacity to gather, analyze, report, and use data to track its performance against KPIs. 

At a more global level, the desired impact of HHS’s work is to help Montgomery County residents live healthy, safe, and connected lives. HHS leadership recognizes that it does not “own” or control all the work involved in achieving that vision. Achieving the vision requires moving the needle on “Social Determinants of Health” -- conditions in people’s lives, learning, work, and play that affect their health and quality-of-life.

The following “Logic Model” shows how we see HHS contributing to this effort. HHS works to convert resources – the Department’s people, tools, partnerships, funds, and data – into outputs and outcomes, with the ultimate goal of improving living conditions for residents across our county, today, and into the future. 

Performance Measurement

  • Inputs: Staff, Community Partners, Technology, Data, and Funding
  • Outputs: HHS Strategic Plan, HIPAA Plan, Data Infrastructure Plan, Staff Engagement Model, HHS and Community Services
  • Outcomes: Improved access to services, Increase prevention services, Improved capacity to operate as one department
  • Impacts: Improved Social Determinants of Health for Montgomery County Residents