Remote Enforcement Teleconferences

In light of the current Public Health Emergency, your scheduled conference, noted on the Order of Court you have received by USPS mail, will be held remotely by teleconference at the ordered date and time.

To prepare for your upcoming conference, you must provide our office with the following information/documentation NO LATER THAN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED CONFERENCE DATE AND TIME NOTED ON THE ATTACHED ORDER OF COURT:

  • You are required to submit the below applicable documents to our office (7) days prior to your scheduled conference:
    • A copy of your current valid driver’s license or other photo identification (i.e. Passport, school ID);
    • A true copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return, including W-2s, as filed;
    • Your pay stubs for the preceding six (6) months;
    • Net income from business or dealings in property;
    • All business tax returns with all schedules and attachments, if applicable;
    • Verification of child care expenses;
    • Proof of medical coverage which you may have, or may have available to you;
    • If a physician has determined that a medical condition affects your ability to earn income you must obtain a Physician Verification Form, sign it, and have it completed by your doctor;
    • Information relating to professional licenses;
    • You may submit any of the above documents, (7) days prior to your scheduled conference, by:
      • Scan/Email: Enforcement-Montgomery@PACSES.COM;
      • Fax - 610-239-9637;
      • Mail - Montgomery County Domestic Relations, PO Box 311, Norristown, PA 19404-0311;
      • Upload Files button below 

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  • You may not take pictures of documents you plan to submit to our office with your mobile device. If you have either an iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone, your device has the ability to "scan" documents from these devices. Follow the below how-to-guides made available by the device manufacturers;
  • You are also required to download, complete, and return the following forms (7) days prior to your scheduled conference:


  • The availability to either a fax machine or email and scanner, while not mandatory, will be beneficial in the exchange of documents.
  • The conference officer will initiate the phone call within approximately (15) minutes of the scheduled start time of your conference.
  • Defendant’s failure to participate in the scheduled contempt conference may result in additional enforcement remedies being taken.
  • If you are the plaintiff and would like to participate in the conference, contact our office at least (2) days prior to the conference and provide contact information.

Failure to adhere to these instructions, provide all required documents, and/or if the required documents are not received at least (7) days prior to the date of your conference, may result in additional enforcement remedies being taken.