COVID-19 Guidance

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) aligns with CDC guidelines for COVID-19  prevention and recommends that health officials and individuals should consider current information about COVID-19 hospitalizations, the strain on the local health system and COVID-19 cases in the community when making decisions about individual/household and community level prevention behaviors and strategies. and individuals should also make decisions based on whether they are at high risk for severe disease and take into account inequities in access to prevention strategies. 

COVID-19 Community Levels do not apply to healthcare settings, such as nursing homes and hospitals. Healthcare settings should continue to use community transmission rates and continue to follow CDC’s infection prevention and control recommendations for healthcare settings. 

COVID-19 Data for Montgomery County

Information on County Levels is available on the Montgomery County COVID-19 HUB and COVID-19 Community Level by County.  

Community Guidance Resources

Quarantine and Isolation Calculator: Determine how long you need to isolate, quarantine, or take other steps to prevent spreading COVID-19 if you have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 or have COVID-19. The calculator is intended for a general audience, and does not apply to healthcare or high-risk settings like prisons. 

Isolation and Quarantine

COVID Testing

  • Get Free Self-Tests: Self-tests for COVID-19 give fast results and can be taken anywhere, regardless of your vaccination status or whether or not you have symptoms. Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order two sets of four free at-⁠home tests. If you already ordered your first set, order a second today
  • Montgomery County COVID- 19 Testing Sites
  • CDC Self-Testing
  • As of  7/1/2022, MCOPH will no longer receive self-reported positive results from at-home COVID-19 tests. At-home COVID-19 test results are not included in the County’s overall COVID-19 data and will not affect the data presented on the County Data Hub and CDC county levels.

MCOPH COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Treatment

  •  Test to Treat Locator: You must take COVID-19 medication within days of your first COVID-19 symptoms days. COVID-19 medications are now available through your doctor, local pharmacies, and health clinics. Use this tool to find where you can get tested and treated in the same location. 

MCOPH Workplace COVID-19 Guidance

MCOPH Recreation and Summer Camp Guidance

Guidance for K-12 Schools and Early Care and Education (ECE) Programs

Operational Guidance for K-12 Schools and Early Care and Education Programs to Support Safe In-Person Learning

Mask to Stay Guidance (K-12 Schools Only)

Test to Stay Guidance (K-12 Schools Only)

COVID-19 School Exclusion Chart (Updated 3/24/2022) - English, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese

Test to Stay for ECE Programs 

Test to Stay Tracking for ECE Programs 

This spreadsheet can be used to track and manage Test to Stay programs in ECE settings.  MCOPH encourages ECE programs to use this tool while rolling out any new Test to Stay Programs. MCOPH can request data collected using this tool at any time. 

Reportable Diseases for ECE Programs