Prevention and Vaccine

Should I wear a face mask?  

Yes, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health updated the Order Requiring Universal Face Coverings.  

Effective May 14, 2021, the Montgomery County Office of Public has issued specific guidance in regards to outdoor high-exertion outdoor activities. As of May 14, 2021, masks/face coverings are not required while individuals are participating in high-exertion outdoor activities such as sports or exercising. Indoor masking guidance remains unchanged. 

In accordance with CDC and PADOH guidelines, masking guidance remains unchanged when individuals cannot maintain a sustained physical distance of at least 6 feet from persons outside of their household, when on the sidelines, when outdoors with a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and when attending crowded outdoor activities. 

Masking provides maximal protection to the individual and those in proximity to them. Nothing about this updated guidance should be construed as prohibiting the practice if desired by the individual.

Is there a vaccine? 

Yes. Please go to for more information.

How do I properly disinfect surfaces?    

When cleaning use any product that kills germs. The CDC has a list of EPA-approved disinfectants on their website. Wear gloves when cleaning, disposable or dishwashing gloves. If using reusable gloves wash the gloves with soap and water when you are finished and let dry completely before using again. 


Exposure and Testing
Isolation and Quarantine