Sex Offender Unit Supervision

The mission of the sex offender unit is to ensure public safety by providing supervision to juvenile sex offenders, by holding them accountable for their behavior via various court stipulated interventions.

Sex Offender Unit juvenile probation officers are generally assigned cases post-adjudicatory and provide the Court with pertinent information and recommendations for appropriate service/interventions at case disposition.

The Sex Offender Unit investigates and retains their cases for supervision so there is no loss in continuity of care. This approach lends itself to expedited rapport building.

The Sex Offender Unit juvenile probation officers responsibility include but are not limited to the preparation of:
  • Pre-dispositional investigation
  • Assessments
  • Utilization of risk assessment tools such as the YLS (Youth Level of Service)
  • J-SOAPII (Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol)
  • ERASOR (Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offense Recidivism)
  • Evaluations - such as Psycho-sexual, psychiatric, drug and alcohol and neuropsychiatric
  • Dispositional options - such as secure sex offender placement, staff secure placements, group homes and specialized foster care
Supervision of this population is more intensive than supervision of youth with non-sex offender delinquency. Officers receive specific training related to the treatment of this population. With proper intervention, recidivism within this population is extremely low when compared to general delinquency.