Court Investigation

Court Investigation Duties

After an adjudicatory hearing in Court, a court investigator is assigned to each case.

The Court Investigation Unit  is comprised of investigators whose primary responsibility is to first meet with the juvenile and his/her family to gather  family history information. 

The investigator will subsequently gather information from:

  • the juvenile’s school district relating to attendance, discipline and grade history
  • ​the local police departments to determine any arrest history
  • any other pertinent info from additional resources relating to the juvenile
  • ​complete a Youth Level of Service (YLS) assessment to determine the juvenile’s risks and/or needs.

​Once all of the information is collected, the investigator compiles a report for the Court, including a recommendation for disposition.  After the disposition, the court investigator organizes the file, completes all necessary paperwork, and turns the file in for a supervision JPO assignment.