Condom Distribution

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health (OPH) provides free condoms to all residents upon request. If you are interested, contact OPH at (610) 278-5117, and ask to speak with someone from the Division of Communicable Disease Control.

Besides abstinence, condoms offer the best protection against HIV and sexually-transmitted infections. However, they must be used correctly and consistently to be effective. 

When using condoms (male or female), be sure that you:

  • Store them in cool, dry places
  • Check the expiration date
  • Make sure there are no tears in the condom before use
  • Use lubrication to protect against breakage
  • Never use the same condom more than once


Mail Me Condoms! 

Condoms will be sent only to Montgomery County, PA addresses.

free condoms


How to use a male condom
How to use a female condom

For more information or if you have questions, contact the Office of Public Health at 610-278-5117.