Extended Assessment

The Extended Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a child in all his/her life domains, in order to determine the most appropriate level and intensity of care needed.

The extended assessment program involves two functions: a clinical assessment and case management support. At a minimum each team will be comprised of a master’s level clinician. Some teams may also include a separate case manager. The extended assessment can be authorized for or up to 24 hours of service to be provided in the child’s home, school, or community as needed. The clinician will meet with the child and family in these settings and complete a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) of the child.

Throughout the program, there will be on-going assessment of the child’s mental health needs and gathering of necessary data. An evaluation (psychiatric or psychological) will be scheduled which will prescribe the necessary services based upon all of the information collected through the assessment. The assessment staff will then assist the family is getting authorization for these services and remain open with the family until the new services begin.