Family-Focused Solution-Based Services (FFSBS

These services focus on:
  • The child’s emotional disturbance.
  • Improving the skills of the child’s family.
FFSBS helps to keep the family intact through counseling and skill-building. They also work with other involved systems on unmet family needs, in order to help improve home stability. This helps prevent placement of the child or adolescent outside of the home.

This is used for:
  • Children whose behaviors and recovery have not been helped by outpatient therapy.
  • Children and families for whom BHRS is not a good fit.
  • Children and families that don’t meet the level of need for family-based services.
Children and adolescents from birth to age 21 can use FFSBS. Services need to be ordered by a psychologist or psychiatrist, and agreed upon by a team as the best way to help the child and family.

These services are usually provided for 6 to 12 months, and are based on the needs of each family. Sessions usually happen once or twice per week in the home. They can also include crisis support and case management activities, as needed.

Provider Credentials
Therapy is performed by professionals who have earned either a master’s degree or doctorate. Case management is provided by professionals with a bachelor’s degree.