Smoke Detectors

Most smoke detectors contain a small amount of radioactive material called Americium-241 and should be returned to their manufacturer for proper disposal.

The US Postal Service offers instructions on USPS Postal Bulletin and also Curie Environmental Services for safely mailing smoke detectors.

Please look on the back of the smoke detector or manual for more information on where to send them or refer to the table below:
Brand Name Company
American Sensors Dicon Global
BRK First Alert
Dicon Global Dicon Global
Family Safety Products Family Safety Products
Firex Invensys Controls
First Alert First Alert
Garrison Dicon Global
Gentex Gentex
Honeywell Honeywell
Kidde Kidde
Lifesaver Kidde
Masterguard Masterguard
Nighthawk Kidde
North American Dicon Global
System Sensor System Sensor
Triad Safety Systems Triad Safety Systems