Developmental Disabilities Committee

The Developmental Disabilities Committee is a standing committee of the MH / Developmental Disabilities Board. Members are appointed by the Board with representation from families, providers of services, interested members of the community and self-advocates. The Developmental Disabilities Committee advises both the Board and the County Developmental Disabilities Office on issues affecting the Developmental Disabilities system.


To promote the development of quality services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities by considering issues relating to the county Developmental Disabilities program. The Developmental Disabilities Committee will monitor the quality of existing services, determine the ongoing needs of individuals with Developmental Disabilities, and develop partnerships with supports coordination, advocacy groups, educational and provider agencies, and the community at large.

Meeting Details

The DD Committee Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of most months from September through June at 6:30 pm.

The tentative 2021-2022 meeting schedule for the DD Committee is:

  • Monday, October 25, 2021: Presentation by Dr. Wendy Ross – Update on Jefferson Center for Neurodiversity
  • Monday, November 29, 2021: Presentation by Montgomery County Office of Developmental Disabilities – Family and Caregivers Role in Incident Management
  • Monday, January 24, 2022: Presentation by Jeanie Subach, Ed D, RD, CSSD, LDN, Associate Professor of Nutrition, Food and Cookery at West Chester University's College of Health Sciences  - Nutrition for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities/Autism
  • Monday, February 28, 2022: Presentation by Susan Tachau, Executive Director PATF (Homeworks Founder), Sara Crimm (Families CCAN), Amber Borreli, PhD, Housing Resource Specialist (Values Into Action) - Housing
  • Monday, April 25, 2022: Presentation by Randy Steen, Esquire – Planning for the Future
  • Monday, May 23, 2022: Presentation by  Julie Barol, MEd, CESP, Transition Consultants - Employment
  • Monday, June 27, 2022: Presentation by Shelley Zaslow, Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) – Bureau of Community Services, Regional Program Manager – ODP Updates

Contact the MH/DD/EI office at 610-292-5040 to confirm the meeting dates and the format of the meeting.  

Meetings are currently being conducted through Zoom. Contact our office for a link and phone number if you are interested in attending.  

When in-person meetings can resume, they will be held at:

Montgomery County Human Services Center
1430 DeKalb Street
1st Floor Board Room
Norristown, PA 19404-0311


The Montgomery County Developmental Disabilities Committee meets monthly to discuss issues facing individuals with developmental disabilities.This group works diligently to develop partnerships with families, caregivers, schools, supports coordination, advocacy groups, provider agencies, and the community at large.We strive to collaborate around solutions to current issues and promote growth opportunities for people who have developmental disabilities.In addition, we enjoy the opportunity to recognize exemplary services and outcomes by planning the annual Developmental Disabilities Awards Breakfast, held yearly in March.

At this time, the Committee is looking for energetic, dedicated people who would like to join us.If you are interested in becoming a member of our committee or would like additional information, please contact Gerry Feeny at 610-292-5040.